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Love is a very grateful gift by allah that helps us to live. Love is a very good feeling. Two love birds that lover each other so much, and they are very happy with each other, they want to spend the whole life with each other. They imagine dreams that they want to marry with each other and spend full life with each other. So If both you have a very good understanding and u both wants each other madly. This dua is made for couples. If you also lost your love and you need a dua for get lost love back? if you miss your lover badly and you want to get him back in your life? If your lover hates you now because of misunderstanding but you loves him or her so much?


don’t worrey he/she will comes back to your life no matter what the problem you face with him or her but you will get the result for sure. If your girlfriend or your boyfriend was do breakup with you? And you want patch up with him or her? don’t worrey my child you will get 100% positive result from
this dua. You will feel very good after read that dua To get My lost love back.


Some people says that “ I want my lost love back at any cost.” Loving someone is very easy but maintain the love relationship for lifetime. If you love someone so much but your lover can not understand your deep love. Some peoples does not deserve some real love and care. If your love is leave you and you want that back with a miracle (islamic dua) so you should read that dua for dua for get lost love back. And you will get your lover back definitely after read this most powerful dua for love back. Its really a good one and you will get the success of get back lost love in your life. If your X-lover hurts you so much but still you loving him or her.

now allah gives you a right way to get back your lost love. This dua will be really very helpful for you. Dua for get lost love back is a tested and powerful dua that will give you real results for get back lost love.


wazifa is an excellent blessing in islam from allah. Dua for change the troublesome circumstances of a human life. You should pray this dua to get ex love back and make your lover loyal and honest with your love. you can simply pray to allah that you wants your lost love back. This is a very genuine and simple way in islam for get My Ex lover back fast. That was a very powerful and easy dua that will give you very quick result. on the off chance that allah heard your this petition (dua for get lost love back) when then you will be glad and your lost love will be not lost for more time.

You will get him/her back. When you start to read this dua after 1 day you will feel a positive energy in your heart and mind. You
feel the satisfaction that you will get your lost love back by this Wazifa.



1. First of all you should take a bath and keep your body clean before read the dua.
2. For start sit near to the holy quran.
3. Recite surah al qaria’h from the holy quran.
4. Recite it for a total of sevan times.

5. Now, give a blow to the photo of the loved me.
6. Give a total of three blows to the picture.

After follow all the steps and read the dua. You will get the result very quickly. be happy and positive now you will get the result for life time. When your lover and desired person is not with you. Then you feel very incomplete When your love is not with you, its like somebody takes out a part of your heart and body. From this dua you have a strong possible percentage of get back your lost love. If you have any question about this dua and
you did not get any result. you can contact to begum ji and they will give you proper solution by this.

Dua To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Boyfriend back

Dua to Get Your Exboyfriend Back Fast


if u want to back your girlfriend boyfriend back? Dua To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Boyfriend back? with wazifa? like now in a days or in this century. so whatever they do with in our relationships? there will be no happiness in her relationships. because they make wrong issues and arguments with in her relations. so due to fights, miss understanding? they both are go away from each other? in this situation?


Wazifa To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Love Back


so they dont know whatever they do? whats we have to do? so in that angry-faced. they will do wrong decisions. so after all this happens? will be depressed about want him her back? but if he/she thinks that there dont have any chance to want? so they all are right. because we know. that sometimes a person will away from our life. then i would know him/her value. so we think? whatever we done it happened all in am wrong? then he/she wants back her boyfriend girlfriend? but all try are failed? then you have to come on me for any trouble or issue. in your boyfriend girlfriend relationship? we help you to come back Dua to Your Ex Girlfriend Boyfriend back.


dua to get your ex girlfriend boyfriend back


Islamic Dua To Get or Bring Your Ex Boyfriend Back


Does he or she get how great you are and why? Make sure your Boyfriend or Girlfriend is into you for who you are. Does your partner listen when you say you’re not comfortable doing something and then back off right away?It’s not just in bad times that your partner should support you. Some people are great when your whole world is falling apart? but not that interested in hearing about the good things in your life.


Taweez To Bring Your ex Girlfriend  love back


In a healthy relationship, then u come to me, i am helping you to come back your ex-boyfriend girlfriend. What if you feel that your girlfriend or boyfriend needs too much from you? On the off chance that the relationship feels like a weight or a drag rather than a delight, it may be a great opportunity to consider whether it’s a sound counterpart for you. Someone who’s not happy or secure may have trouble being a healthy relationship partner.


The dua will restore your affection life which has turned out to be dead. It will bring your love back in your existence with same energy and love which was before between both of you. Dua for genuine romance to return is ground-breaking and viable and has helped genuine sweethearts to get darlings back in their life